Digital Central

Meet the people bringing Highbury College into a new era of Learning Technology

About Digital Central

Our ambition is to take maximum advantage of the potential of digital technologies to enable all our students to succeed. In doing so, we take account of:

The Principal's Innovation Council

The Principal’s Innovation Council, led by Stella Mbubaegbu CBE, provides a range of horizon scanning, thought leadership and networking activties which underpin the College’s vision to be a world-class learning enterprise, leading the way, transcending borders. It employs the processes of Design Thinking as a framework for creativity and innovation and has been the sponsor for the development of the 2015-2018 Digital Central Strategy.

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Stella Mbubaegbu CBE
Principal & Chief Executive

Stella has been helping to shape the future in Portsmouth, through her pioneering and entrepreneurial leadership, since she became Principal & Chief Executive of Highbury College in 2001. Under her leadership, Highbury has been awarded Ofsted outstanding, and the College has built a national and international reputation in technical and professional education.

Stella founded Highbury’s Innovation Council and she is passionate about Design Thinking, introducing it across all areas of the College to drive innovation and new developments.

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Cathy Ellis
Director of Research & Development

Cathy combines her role at Highbury with doctoral research under the supervision of Professor Sugata Mitra. She travels regularly to the Pyrenees for moments of inspiration and reflection.

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Paul Rolfe
Director of
iX Innovation

Paul is responsible for the College’s Digital Technologies and champions innovation across College. He is studying for an MBA at Portsmouth University. He has a black lab called Taz.

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Victor Udoewa

Victor’s work as an educator and technologist has taken him all over the world. When he is not fixing problems around the world he teaches community salsa classes in Washington D.C.

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Professor Sugata Mitra
Ted 2013 Prize Winner

Sugata is credited with over 25 inventions in the area of cognitive science and educational technology. His vision is helping to improve the education of children all over the world, including those in some of the most deprived areas

The Digital Leaders

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Anna Selway
Head of
Digital Central

Anna has been working at Highbury for over 10 years helping staff and students make the most out of technology.

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Dan Levings
Chief of

"Don’t feel bad, we can't all have an impressively long and fancy job title like mine.” Web Design, World Skills Medallion of Excellence, 2015

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Ross Hounsell
Digital Central

When all else fails, Ross will sort it out, travelling across all College centres to do so. In his spare time, he cooks a mean curry!

The Apprentices

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Bronte Arnott
E-learning Designer

Bronte is a hard working individual, starting her career at Highbury in 2014. She strives to make things look beautiful.

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Dean Hortin
E-learning Designer

Dean has been at Highbury since November 2014. He is a calming influence in the team, and loves nothing more than attending Comic-con events!

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Sam Gregory
E-learning Designer

A former student of Highbury, Sam has been an E-learning Engineer since 2014. He's an avid fan of all things Transformers!